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Health & Nutrition

How do you substitute apple sauce in a recipe for oil or butter?

It’s easy, and in fact it's a healthier way to bake.Apple sauce adds nutrition and reduces the fat in your favorite recipes for muffins, cakes, brownies or quick breads. Replacing oil, butter and shortening with apple sauce will produce a moist, light cake that is lower in fat and calories and higher in Vitamin C and fiber. Baking experts recommend replacing no more than ¾ of the fat so if a recipe calls for 1 cup oil, substitute with ¾ cup applesauce + ¼ cup of oil.

For best results:

  • Mix apple sauce with other wet ingredients first.
  • Wait until the oven is preheated before mixing wet into dry ingredients.
  • Mix wet and dry ingredients gently, just until moist.

Do you add sugar to your apple juice?

No, Tree Top does not add any type of sugar to our 100% fruit juices. The sugars that are listed in the nutrition facts come from the fruit itself. These are known as natural sugars.

What is the difference between naturally occurring and added sugars?

Naturally occurring sugars are found in a variety of foods, including dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and 100% fruit and vegetable juices. Added sugars are often found in foods low in other nutrients, like dairy desserts, sweets and sugar-sweetened beverages (such as energy drinks, fruit drinks and soft drinks) and they must be included in the ingredient list on a food package. Examples of added sugars include brown sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, glucose, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, invert sugar, lactose, malt syrup, maltose, molasses, raw sugar, sucrose, trehalose, and turbinado sugar. You will not find any added sugars in the ingredient list for 100% fruit juice. For more information, visit

What are the benefits to drinking apple juice?

Tree Top does fortify many of our juices with Vitamin C. You can tell if Vitamin C has been added by looking at the nutrition facts part of the label, or the ingredient statement. While apple juice itself isn’t high in vitamins, it is high in what are called “phytonutrients” such as flavonoids and antioxidants that have been found to be beneficial to good health. Visit the Juice Products Association website at to learn more about the health benefits of your favorite juice.

What equals a fruit serving?

Any fruit or 100% Juice counts as part of the Fruit Group. In fact, drinking 100% Fruit Juice is an easy way to boost your fruit servings each day.According to the USDA MyPyramid food program, 100% juices can be appropriate substitutes for whole fruits.

The following counts as 1 cup of fruit:

= 1 small apple

= 1 cup 100% Fruit Juice (like 100% Apple Juice)

= 1 cup Apple Sauce

What fruit exchange does the juice equal?

For apple or other juices, ½ cup of fruit juice is equal to one fruit exchange.

Are your Tree Top products Kosher?

Yes and no.

Our products bearing the OU symbol are Kosher and are certified through the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, (Orthodox Union).

What does organic mean?

The USDA’s National Organic Program is intended to assure consumers that the organic foods they purchase are produced, processed and certified to be consistent with national organic standards.

Our Tree Top Organic Apple Juice and Apple Sauceare Certified USDA ORGANIC.


Are your cans recyclable?

Yes, all of our Tree Top cans are recyclable.

Why didn't I get a deposit back when I recycled my bottles?

CRV (California Redemption Value) applies to aluminum, plastic, glass or metal beverage containers marked with the "CRV" designation or that are considered a single serve container. Our 100 % fruit juice containers in 46 oz and larger do notqualify for the CRV but are still recyclable.

Are your plastic containers recyclable?

Yes, all of our plastic containers are recyclable.

Can I freeze the plastic bottles?

Although these containers are food grade, we do not recommend freezing product in these containers.

Do your plastic bottles contain BPA?

None of our plasticpackaging contains polycarbonate material (Bisphenol-A). Both our juice bottles and apple sauce containers are in compliance with the US and Canadian Food Packaging regulations.

Why does the Tree Top gallon container have a #5 and #7 on it?

Recycling symbols are used to classify plastics for recycling. Symbols 1-6 indicate the plastic in the container is made from defined materials. If the container doesn’t fall neatly into one of those categories, it is assigned a “7”. Tree Top uses plastic containers made from PETE (symbol 1) and polypropylene (PP symbol 5). Because there is an oxygen barrier, which helps maintain the juice quality, they carry both a “5 compatible” and a “7” symbol; however, there is no polycarbonate material in them.

Product Availability

Do you have a juice that is not from concentrate?

Yes we do!  It is called Tree Top Three Apple Blend.  This is our fresh pressed, not from concentrate 100% juice that has a hand-crafted recipe of 3 specific apples.  It's a unique blend of tart granny smith, red and golden delicious apples.  This gives the juice that crisp apple taste the whole family will enjoy. 

May I purchase directly from Tree Top?

If we cannot locate the product within your area, product may be ordered through our Tree Top Outlet Store at 1-866-572-9395.

Production Process

Do you use chemicals to peel your apples?

No.  Our apples go through a series of washings before they move to a fruit disintegrator, which is much like a large and powerful blender.  Here the apples are broken into small bite-size fragments, which go through decanters and centrifuges where the solids are removed.

How is Tree Top apple juice processed?

On average 50 tons of juicers every hour are washed in a huge rotary drum going through four-stages of washings.  A conveyor moves the fruit to the disintegrator, which is much like a large and powerful blender.  Here the apples are broken into small pieces reducing them to bite-size fragments.

Apple fragments move to the decanters and centrifuges where the juice is separated from the solids.  The juice is then clarified through a multi-stage process until what remains is pure, cloudless, amber-colored juice.

Is your apple sauce pasteurized?

Yes, Tree Top pasteurizes its products for the safety of our consumers.

Is your juice pasteurized?

Yes, Tree Top pasteurizes its products for the safety of our consumers.

What does from concentrate mean?

From concentrate means the removal of much of the water from the juice.  Resulting in thick syrup seven times the strength of the original juice.  The removal of water is achieved by using an evaporator where steam heat and a vacuum help with the removal process.

What is never from concentrate juice?

To make never from concentrate juice, the apple is first squeezed to extract the juice from the fruit. This pressed juice is then pasteurized, for safety, packaged and sent to the stores for purchase.

What is pasteurization?

Pasteurization is a heat treatment that destroys the organisms that could cause life threatening illness.  This heat treatment prevents illnesses like food poisoning, botulism, salmonella and E-Coli.

Tree Top pasteurizes its products for the safety of consumers.

What is the difference between Tree Top apple juice and Tree Top apple cider?

The only difference between these two 100% juices is the acidity content.  The apple cider has a tarter flavor than the apple juice.  In other words, we use a tarter blend of apples to make our cider than we do for our juice. 

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