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Tree Top strives to reach restaurant guest demands for a colorful and flavorful beverage experience with three unique juice concepts. These innovative blends are thoughtfully designed with quality ingredients made from 100% juice, no added sugars and offered in convenient multi-serve packaging.

3 On-Trend Botanical Flavors

Contact us to mix up alternative flavors or even organic options.

Sweet and savory taste profile

  • 100% Juice
  • Serve over ice or blend with lemonade

Sweetness with a touch of zest

  • 100% Juice
  • Serve over ice or blend with tea

A Tropical delight

  • 100% Juice
  • Serve over ice or create a vibrant, signature drink
Todays guest is really looking for experience in a glass, drinks have to be approachable and affordable while also delivering a unique experience

Top 10 Trends 2018 – Flavor & The Menu



    Tree Top fruit purees are minimally processed, providing superior fruit flavor, authentic fruit color and are made with simple ingredients. Made with whole fruit, Tree Top purees provide year-round flavor consistency and are a convenient way to add fruit taste to your beverage menu.

Pared with Lemonade, purees bring vibrant color with a hint of sweetness giving your store guests a premium , hand-crafted beverage experience.

Overall lemonade mentions on menus is up 5%, increasing behind the use of new flavor combinations, particularly peach and watermelon.

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