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As consumers continue to shift away from artificial ingredients, moving towards more natural or authentic components, the use of fruit as a natural sweetener is reflected on grocery store shelves and menus across the country. Fruit has proven to be a popular sweetener option as it delivers on flavor, color and nutritional benefits.

What's Happening in Fruit?

  1. Power in purity – As consumers prioritize their health, they’re looking for products that are more natural, purer and cleaner.
    - 49% of American 18 years and above, say simple ingredients influence their food and beverage choices.
  2. Focus on the functional – people want food and beverages with benefits, e.g., energy, immunity, mental focus. Taste alone is no longer enough.
  3. Democratization of luxury – Mid-market consumers are willing to trade up to more premium items.
    - 35% of U.S. diners would pay more for higher-quality ingredients.
  4. Experiments in the exotic – Bolder, more exotic flavors are the choice of the young “foodie” generation.
    - 25% of overall adults love spicy foods; it jumps to 38% among Gen Z adults.

Source: Lynn Dornblaser, Mintel March 2020

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Tree Top offers more fruit in more forms for more possibilities for your menu. As our partner, we bring years of experience working with an expanded portfolio of global fruit options in juices, sauces, purees and dried fruit.

Purees qualify as a no added sugar sweetener that add a pop of color and flavor.

Dried Apples serve as a clean simple ingredient that is excellent for texture, flavor, piece identity and sweetness.

Juice Concentrates make excellent sweeteners for baked good, sauces and beverages.

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