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We strive to be an innovative partner in the development of premium fruit based products for the foodservice industry. Tree Top has many years of experience working with apple based products and with an expanded portfolio that includes a plethora of global fruit options for juice concentrates, fruit purees, organic, pure pressed and dried.

As Our Partner . . .

  • We spur innovation through our product concept development and provide samples
  • We share expertise through product and fruit 101 training
  • We provide crop updates, share fruit trends and market insights

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Tree Top offers more fruit in more forms for more possibilities for your menu.

Market studies indicate a continued consumer shift away from artificial ingredients towards more natural or authentic components.

Guests want to see products with:

  • No additives/preservatives
  • Real ingredients available from a kitchen cupboard
  • Short, clear ingredient lists
  • Ingredient names easy to pronounce
  • Fresh or minimally processed components

Purees qualify as a no added sugar sweetener that add a pop of color and flavor.

Dried Apples serve as a clean simple ingredient that is excellent for texture, flavor, piece identity and sweetness.

Juice Concentrates make excellent sweeteners for baked good, sauces and beverages.

Concept: Cranberry Raspberry Brie Turkey Burger

A juicy grilled turkey patty mixed with apple sauce topped with brie cheese, cranberry raspberry compote on a rosemary apple roll smeared with garlic aioli.

Turkey Burger

Fruit Ingredients Deliver Flavor, Color and Nutritional Benefits. . .

Classic dishes or menu mainstays can also garner renewed interest with the addition of seasonal fruits or flavors. Your menu descriptions drive perception, and with healthy foods and ingredients on the rise, restaurants are challenged with how to serve healthy yet flavorful dishes and beverages.

We look to increase fruit on the menu and provide a number of classic or innovative ways to incorporate fruit throughout your restaurant. As a great foodservice partner, we want to drive consumer visits and repeat business by creating craveable combinations of food and/or beverage with fruit. See the chart below to view our variety of fruit offerings and contact us for samples by clicking the link below.





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