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For the past 8 years, healthier kids dishes have been among the Top 20 food trends in the National Restaurant Association’s annual survey and forecasts.




Apple is #1 on Kids Meals

Apple as an ingredient (apple sauce, apple juice and apple slices, etc.) remains the favored fruit option on Kids Menus.




Tree Top’s portfolio of single serve products aligns well with industry trends. As a well-known brand with a strong brand heritage, consumers trust us to provide healthful fruit based products that taste great and the whole family can enjoy. Because we are based in the Northwest, all Tree Top apple based products are locally sourced and made from 100% USA apples, supporting our local grower owners. Click the link below to view all of our single serve options.


Prepackaged Fruit on Kids Menus






Tree Top makes it easy to bring fruit to your menu. Let our fruits not only grow your menu offerings but your sales. Our good to go fruit options are shelf stable and portable, meeting the ever changing industry demands for delivery service, drive thru and clean ingredients.

Whether through beverage or food, Tree Top has great tasting options that provide great appeal for kids and comfort for their parents.

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