Tree Top Foodservice
It's only healthy if they eat it.

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Get your revenue dollars back by offering smart snack kids love to eat.


More and more districts are bumping up quality and variety in the smart snacks game as they continue to drive traffic towards on-the-go purchase's.

As a favored brand, with a wide variety of healthy fruit snack options, Tree Top is fruit kids love to eat.

From 100% USA juices, to apple sauce and dried fruit, Tree Top is your meal plan and smart snack compliant partner . . .


Our labels are clean:

Tree Top products contain no artificial colors, flavors or added sugars. We understand how important this is for schools.



Cleaner Labels

Over half (56.3%) of districts report serving cleaner label menu options (e.g. products or ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives).

Of these districts, 81.1% are seeking additional cleaner label menu options.

Among districts not currently serving cleaner label products or ingredients, 38.8% report that their program is seeking cleaner label menu options. 


Apple is #1 on Kids Snacks

Apple as an ingredient (apple sauce, apple juice and apple slices, etc.) remains the favored fruit option for Kids.




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