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Fun-to-Eat Fruit Kids Love

K-12 Schools

Tree Top can help you keep ADP up, plate waste down and students smiling throughout the day with fun-to-eat fruit. We squeeze all the goodness of 100% USA apples into easy packaging that’s just right for kids. So students get the healthy benefits of fruit, while you get the satisfaction of knowing they'll actually eat it. Go ahead, Pack Some Happy into your menu with Tree Top's "good to the last gulp" fruit.

Our apple juice is a proven consumer favorite; made with 100% USA sourced fruit from our northwest growers. Meeting Smart Snack qualifications and Buy American compliant, our premium juices are totally worth it.

Buy American product listing

Apple Crisps have been a huge success with schools. They crunch like a chip, tastes like a chip yet it counts as a fruit. It’s a great school menu addition that adds flavor to your fruit offerings. Shake up your lunch menu with dried fruit!

Now in Apple & Strawberry Flavors

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Tree Top’s grower-owned cooperative nurtures fruit from the ground up in the heart of Washington’s apple country to create our Buy American compliant products for schools. With Tree Top, you can easily meet USDA fruit requirements for tray line and grow your revenue with Smart Snacks students love.


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